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AMX Cooler Product Name: Misting Air Cooler

What’s Misting Air Cooler means?

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I guess it comes down to a simple choice: “get busy living or get busy dying” is my favorite line, perhaps this is the real reflection in most of people life. You are busy for this, and I am busy for that, in conclusion, we all get busy living.

Therefore I very appreciate that you can take about 10 minutes to read this article. I would provide a potential opportunity to grow up your business, enhance your social circle and improve your life quality as a return just because of spending your precious time at this moment.

In your business, do you have a product can make you feel proud?

In your social circle, do you have a product can shorten the distance between you and him?

In your daily life, do you have a product can supply you and your customers higher savor and quality towards life?

In your wonderful journey, do you have a product can explore a new marketing opportunity again and again?

In your future days, do you have a product can let you become an indispensable part of people life?

And so on…

To be honest, above goals are which I looking for, like the game, need to upgrade continuously to achieve the final.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, each stage has a corresponding demand for it.

In order to lead your team and your customers to get rid of Physiological needs, Safety needs, Love and Belonging, and Esteem when you intend to move to the pinnacle of the pyramid, you will attract many new people to your path and you will benefit from your Self-actualization, even Self-Transcendence needs.

I was one of you, but I am one of them, hope you can be become an excellent opinion leader in your life, too.

“It takes a strong man to save himself, and a great man to save another. “

So what kind of the product we will recommend for you?

Most of the people will call them mist fan, however, It’s becoming really messy in such market positioning, so I’m going to redefine and named it “Misting Air Cooler“.

Hot-Sale Recommend Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

Model A-4PT

High Pressure Type Innovate Misting Air Cooler

Now, Let's Go DIY !!!

DIY Your Exclusive Misting Air Cooler

Description of Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

The AMX Misting Air Cooler is the latest addition to AMX Cooler’s range of innovative cooling and air conditioning solutions. Specially designed to break water down to a microscopic level before distributing it, these exclusive nozzles are capable of producing a mist so fine that it is dry to the touch.
Misting Air Cooler is AMX Cooler’s most efficient product to date, offering qualities to suit homes and businesses alike. The sleek design incorporates a number of safety features, popular amongst the commercial sectors and families alike; but it is Misting Air Cooler’s versatility that customers love the most. Multiple speed settings and nozzle adjustments provide an unlimited combination of air conditioning settings, so cooling may be tailored to individual preference and surroundings. And, unlike traditional air conditioning systems, Misting Air Cooler can be transported with ease. Its light weight and discreet wheels make Misting Air Cooler the ultimate portable cooling solution.
Constructed from UV and rust resistant materials, the Misting Air Cooler can be used as an indoor or outdoor cooling system for maximum versatility. With specialized misting technology in place, Misting Air Cooler uses up to 75% less water than other air conditioning and cooling systems, making it highly energy efficient and eco-friendly. Comparatively, Misting Air Cooler could save you as much 75% each year on your air conditioning energy bills!

Feature of Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

01 – Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
02 – Various color optional
03 – Innovative hierarchical structure design with the high-tech feeling
04 – Isolated operation of water and electricity to ensure the safety
05 – Safe fan cover included
06 – Oscillating fan head rotation of 90°
07 – Low noise and low vibration aluminum alloy impeller
08 – Three adjustable fan speed settings
09 – Six washable high-pressure stainless steel nozzles with filter inside
10 – Adjustable mist flow settings

Feature of Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

11 – Four electromagnetic pumps achieve atomizing constantly
12 – Multiple filters can ensure the excellence of the water quality
13 – Constructed from UV and rust resistant materials
14 – Reduce the surrounding temperature effectively
15 – Patented mist technology keeps people and surfaces cool
16 – Large capacity water tank provided more than 12h working time
17 – Automatic water inflow system offers long term water supply
18 – Built in wheels for easy movement
19 – Lockup technology avoid slip hazard
20 – Energy efficiency and water conservation
21 – Up to one-year warranty

Energy Efficient of Misting Air Cooler

Model A-4PT

With specialized innovative cooling systems technology in place, AMX Cooler uses up to 80% less water than other air conditioning and cooling systems, making it highly energy efficient and eco-friendly. AMX Misting Air Cooler could save you as much 75% each year on your air conditioning energy bills!

Our AMX cooling systems and high-speed aerodynamics technology are not only innovative, it’s energy efficient.

1. Innovating technology

2. Long atomize working time

3. Best energy saving system

Water Conservation of Misting Air Cooler

Model A-4PT

The 94L large water storage tank will provide up to more than 12 hours of keeping cooling, which means that you can fill the tank and leave it working without periodical refills or plumbing it into a static location. Moreover, it has water level sensor switch to ensure safe using, even nobody to watch out.

It can connect with the water pipe to come true 24hours uninterrupted working, make sure your space keep cooling all the time. At the same time, it will fill a certain amount of water into the tank automatically then stop based on float stop switch, in order to save your water usage degree.

This innovating Misting Air Cooler uses up to 85% less water than other air conditioning systems, which makes it the most efficient and economical cooling option for anywhere. It also means that Misting Air Cooler uses its water capacity intelligently, dispersing the minimum moisture required to achieve the desired cooling effects.

1. Water conservation

2. 94L large water tank

3. Smart automatic inflow system

Application Occasion of Misting Air Cooler

Model A-4PT

The AMX Misting Air Cooler will provide cooling air conditioning in any location, indoor or outdoor.

Keep your space cool whilst you’re indoors or alternatively wheel AMX Cooler outside to take the edge off the heat on a warm day.

After filtrated, the water goes through the micro nozzle under the pressure of pressure pump and turns into micro size mist, which is sprayed out by the matched spraying system to the target area, in order to effect and cool the area.

As the size of the nozzle is different, the mist size will also different between 10 to 30 micron.

Specialist nozzles break down the water source to microscopic droplets, to produce a mist so fine that it is dry to the touch!

1. Suitable for indoor and outdoor

2. Use in humid or arid environments

3. More application case for reference — CLICK ME!!!

Safety of Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

Whether you’re using your Misting Air Cooler around the home or in the workplace, you can enjoy cool air conditioning with a variety of safety features, giving you peace of mind. The 16-inch steel fan blades are safely encased in a specially designed housing unit with a mesh-style back to distribute the cooling effects of the fan, 2-meter overall height whilst preventing little fingers from reaching the blade!

The small base contains Misting Air Cooler’s motor to ensure that it is fully enclosed, protected from moisture and the elements. Even the sleek design in itself was created with safety in mind; the smooth, domed base does not sit wider in diameter than the fan itself and has no protruding elements, to ensure that there are no health and safety issues presented when Misting Air Cooler is used in the workplace or a public environment.

It has various safety devices, more safe, stable, reliable and can reduce so many operation manpower.

1. 16 inch & 2m overall height

2. Suitable for various occasions

3. Keep safe all the time

Warranty of Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

All AMX Cooler products are backed by a limited 1-year warranty that starts from the date of purchase and covers defects in materials and workmanship. At our discretion, we will replace the whole product or repair/replace the parts that prove to be defective.

This warranty does not cover the air and water filters. These expendable parts may wear out from normal use within the warranty period and should be replaced by the user as needed. This warranty applies for only 90 days if this product is ever used for commercial or rental purposes. If a third- party regularly interacts with the fan, this is considered commercial use. Warranty claims should be directed to AMX Cooler’s customer service department.

Remarks of Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT


Delivery Time

Urgent sample order ready in just less than 5 working days.

Bulk order ready in just around 15 to 20 working days.


Payment Term

1. T/T

2. L/C at sight

3. Paypal

4. Western Union


Trade Term


2. FOB Foshan

Our satisfied customers distribute in different field like the senior partner include Canton Fair, Consulate, Coca Cola, Pedras, Disney, Futbol Club Barcelona, Hilton Hotel etc. Therefore, we are very confident that when you work with us, you will have the same satisfaction.

Certainly, no matter which industry you are, our products all can help you to catch a big benefit.

We would love to be your agent, we have brought in some samples to get feedback from potential customers before we can do marketing and discuss how to partner with each other in a win-win situation.


We are going to promote to our customers and you are good professional, we would like to do business with you honestly.


We are building a new warehouse and was thinking of putting these fans there to display.


Please inform your boss that he will have a new customer and very loyal customer.


We had the good contact in companies as well as government, it’s best for us to open this market.


We will build up a showroom in my seafood square and use them in everywhere, meanwhile, this place that might interest world travelers.


After contrast, you may found this item is a powerful, high-tech feeling and innovate smart product, it will cause quite a stir in your target market, and my heart true feelings is will you be the bellwether in the near future?

We’re honored to inform you that the Misting Air Cooler has obtained the patent, there is no same or similar item can search on the market, and no supplier will spend a big amount of mold fee to copy it, it is unique.

If you want to know where can use this Misting Air Cooler, you could check the case from our existing customers sharing to know more detail about how the extremely wide scope of applications are.

In short,

1. Open Air Restaurant & Coffee Shop & Bars & Shopping Mall & Walking Street

2. Private Garden & Private Club & Golf Course & Yacht Club

3. Textile Workshop & Ceramic Workshop & Foundry Workshop

4. Theme Park & Amusement Park

5. Bus Station & Airport & Railway

6. Wedding & Party & Barbecue

7. Gymnasium & Stadium

8. Fair & Exhibition


At the same time, hope you could find some inspiration from our case, let’s stimulate your market in the near future.

This Misting Air Cooler is not only the defender of outdoor application but only the protagonist of indoor space gradually.

When you realize that this product is unable to copy, I believe that you will understand the meaning of why you should be the leader, it will take the lead in grasping growth opportunities.

At this moment, you will get more confused about there are too many alternative products for choice on the market, and why still need to emphasize that is an opportunity, a valuable opportunity?

A product got simple operation mode, but will have flexible mobility?

A product got better spray effect, but will have different spray system?

A product got large capacity tanks, but will have a long range sprayer?

Meanwhile, a product will have the attractive design which is accompanied by a strong publicity effect with focusing action.

If you want to purchase misting air cooler, ask us for price and solutions now without any delay, simply click on the button, to get your free no obligation quotation today!

Inquiry Now !

Only the Misting Air Cooler can achieve all these advantages rolled into one.

Believe that you have a deep impression in our innovate Misting Air Cooler which got unique and irreplaceability, and we would rather share more information about how to use this business opportunity.

Here are three directly propaganda ways as follows for your reference.

I estimated that you had already found a big promotion point of our mist fan.

Yes, you are right, is easy to highlight the brand. We could post the customer brand or their ideas on the fan body for promoting.

On the one hand, customer brand can get a strong showing in everywhere as well as people was immediately hooked once they saw it. In today’s full of social tools media world, everyone will take a photo to share the novelty on the internet, share from a to b to c, etc. You and your customer brand will be a well-known mark soon.

On the other hand, if place the mist fan at the plaza, park, fair or big place where has lots of people, publicity of your or your customer brand will have an unprecedented promotion, even better than media, leaflets or outdoor billboards, etc. That will easy to deal with the problem of visitors flow rate, which perplexes the company how to increase the promotion way.

Furthermore, if you have store or warehouse, can rent the mist fan. To be honest, the final customer only pays for the small rent cost and poster fee, then they can use this big mist fan in their event program. Meanwhile, you could launch short-term and long-term rent plans for customer consideration. By this way, you could recover the prior-period investment in a short time.

At the same time, we will provide the warranty for the whole cooler one year.

If you think this is not enough, please clicks the button as below to fill the form, we will promise you that if you found any problems after one year warranty, you can take a photo or a video to show what’s wrong with your cooler, we will help to analyze and solve your problem as soon as possible. And you just need to keep promoting on your market, others issue will take good care of us.

Consider Purchasing Extra Extended Service Plan For FREE If You Desire Even More Coverage.

Something Truly Worth Knowing

You are a smart businessman, you must know if your potential competitors read this article, they maybe take an action now, maybe they moved on the top of pyramid in the business, if you don’t want to be their follower, there only one way is broken their successful bridge, you must be the first one in this field, occupy this market to be the leader.

I cannot promise you how many profits can you obtain at the end because this thing is hard to predict. Maybe you could check our existing customers on-sale price on internet promotion way for reference.

Don’t doubt, its value determines the market.

And I don’t want to give more example to prove its value and its brought profits, you will know that once you trust its, believe it or not.

Let’s get started the brainstorming to find out the more good idea to play this exciting game.

“You got a dream, you gotta protect it.

People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it.

If you want something, go get it.”

By the way, you can subscribe and we will provide more useful information for your reference and download, and I think this step called friendly beginning.

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Nevertheless, frankly speaking, I have obligation to remind you that coming issue.

1. If you only have hundreds of dollars on your hand, it’s very sorry to inform you that I can not help you to move forward with this plan. However, if you have thousands of dollars, you can try to purchase a sample or a small quantity of Misting Air Cooler, to research your market. Please kindly noted that don’t ask us to provide any discount, honestly, I am not your family, I cannot help you to pay for any start-up capital, but you can use the above three propaganda ways to bring profits.

2. If you finished the marketing research, thought the Misting Air Cooler is very accord with your market needs, then we would want to share more idea to you directly because you are on the same channel, but you still need to pass our qualification approval.

3. If you have already prepared the initial fund to open this business, leave your contact information here, I will initiative to contact you, to analyze and discuss the project.

Do you want to give up a business opportunity for innovating Misting Air Cooler?

No, advise me more!

PS: We hope you could know the cake of the market is such small, we need to find a more suitable partner, provided him a great assistance to expand the market.If someone is not willing to do such big business, or just want to get the cheapest price to disrupt the market, sorry, we don’t want to do business with you anymore, in other words, you don’t have a chance to be our agent if you be that guy.

At this moment, I am very excited to write to express thanks to you. It’s a hard time to say this is the end of this letter, many thanks for your kind hospitality and the honor time of my life that you stay with me more than 10 minutes. Maybe we cannot meet with each other face to face at present, but I hope you will some day pay a short visit to our company and share us more information about your idea, or someday we will meet at the fair, or somewhere. I trusted you will miss me when you saw the misting air cooler, and then turn on your Whatsapp, type my number +86-13380280317 and told me “where you are, how I miss you, my friend!”

At last, have no hesitation in writing to me “” if you want me to do something for you in China.

With best wished.

By the way, and the title may be named “Nice to meet you“.

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Not only as an outdoor cooling innovator but also with smart function and exquisite appearance design, you and your company will become the center of attention in anywhere under misting air cooler influence.

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