LED Bathroom Heater

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Project Description

AMX Cooler Product Name: LED Bathroom Heater

LED Bathroom Heater

BL Series

Flexible and exquisite, high-efficiency

The mini cube fan body suitable for variety of installations

Sirocco design makes it with the features of high pressure and low noise

Intersection angle air supply, easy to install

Invisible construction, fresh and beautify your life

Effectively adjust and control the indoor and outdoor air, exhaust the dirty air, moisture and smoke, widely used in buildings, apartment, villa, hotel, supermarket, entertainment venues and residential houses for ventilation.

1. Do not remold, resolve or repair the product to prevent a damage or electric shock caused by the wrong operation.

2. Do not operate the switch by wet hand, otherwise, it may cause electric shock.

3. If the product works abnormally (sear smell), please stop operating immediately and cut-off the power.

4. Make sure to use the product in the rated voltage.Please use voltage regulator when voltage fluctuation is large, so as to avoid the risk of fire or electric shock.

5. Pay attention to prevent dust, dirt, insect and dew dropping into eyes when maintaining (removing access panel).

6. Please cut off power when stop to use for a long time.

One year for the whole unit

Three years for motor

(Free parts provided base on order quantity)

Any questions please feel free to contact us to settle, caring tailor-made services to meet the requirements and expectations of the customer for every time.

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Feature of Bathroom Heater 

AMX BL series bathroom heater is using high quality LED light source, it has the advantages of high luminous efficiency and long service life.

We are using molding to produce spare part: centrifugal designed multi-blade impeller with the effective smooth pipeline, to meet the needs of efficient effect and high-pressure function.

Not mentioning its beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, large air volume, light weight, low noise and smooth operating, etc.

Performance Table

Model Voltage Frequency Ventilating Power Light Power Air Pressure Ventilating Noise Panel Size
No. V Hz W W Pa dB mm
BD30 220 – 240 50 / 60 32 12 100 43 300 * 300

Remark: 1. Applicable area calculation is based on essential ventilation of 5 – 10 times/hour in normal living room

2. Performance value is the average value of our test result

Dimension & Packing Size

Model A B E * E H
No. mm φ mm mm mm
BD30 300 315 300 * 300 154

Full Plastic Body

Light and well intensity, double insulation

Super Service Life

High quality LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long service life

Super Quiet Motor

Silent ventilation, reject the moisture, smells efficiently

Installation Safety Notes

1. This product contains electrical components, only the qualified maintenance personnel can install or maintain it.

2. The unqualified staff can only do some base operations like maintaining the filter net or filter element.

3. Please pay attention to our manual and product label warnings, follow the relevant safety regulations.

4. Warning: To avoid any accidental damages, please cut off the power before installation or maintenance.

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