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Project Description

AMX Cooler Product Name: Heat Recovery Fresh Air Exchanger

AMX Cooler Ventilation System Design

Heat Recovery Fresh Air Exchanger

ER Series

1. Double-direction fresh air exchanging system, high efficiency and energy and energy saving.

2. With the preliminary filter, it can filter the dust particles and purify the air.

3. Thin body design makes it suitable for any kind of ceiling installation.

4. It’s with double speed switch which is easy to install.

1. When the device is running, vitiated air from indoor and fresh air from outdoor goes through the heat exchanger to exchange the temperature and humidity, so as to achieve ventilation and keep indoor temperature and humidity stability.

2. When the heat exchanger running in summer, fresh air gets the cooling capacity from the vitiated air, and the temperature was lowered and dry.

3. When the heat exchanger running in winter, fresh air gets the heating capacity from the vitiated air, and the temperature increased and humidity.

1. Do not remold, resolve or repair the product to prevent a damage or electric shock caused by the wrong operation.

2. Do not operate the switch by wet hand, otherwise, it may cause electric shock.

3. If the product works abnormally (sear smell), please stop operating immediately and cut-off the power.

4. Make sure to use the product in the rated voltage.Please use voltage regulator when voltage fluctuation is large, so as to avoid the risk of fire or electric shock.

5. Pay attention to prevent dust, dirt, insect and dew dropping into eyes when maintaining (removing access panel).

6. Please cut off power when stop to use for a long time.

One year for the whole unit

Three years for motor

(Free parts provided base on order quantity)

Any questions please feel free to contact us to settle, caring tailor-made services to meet the requirements and expectations of the customer for every time.

1. All contents of this catalog are copyrighted by AMX Company.

2. The final interpretation right of this catalog is reserved by AMX company, has the right to some alterations for above data and product design without prior notice.

3. Data in this document has been carefully checked and reviewed. If exist typographical errors, AMX Company shall not assume liability to any consequences.

Performance Table

Model Volt./Freq. Air Flow Power Noise Static Pressure Duct Size Overall Size Heat Transfer Efficiency Net Weight
No. V/Hz m³/h W dB Pa φmm L*W*H (mm) Enth. Eff.%   Temp.Eff.% KG
ER150-D1 220/50 150/100 75 25 160 100 730*730*252 Cooling:56   Cooling:70

Heating:67   Cooling:80

ER250-D1 220/50 250/150 115 26 170 150 730*730*252 Cooling:53   Cooling:67

Heating:63   Cooling:76

ER350-D1 220/50 350/250 140 27 210 150 730*730*269 Cooling:60   Cooling:66

Heating:68   Cooling:79

ER500-D1 220/50 500/400 190 29 220 200 730*730*269 Cooling:54   Cooling:60

Heating:61    Cooling:74


Dimension & Packing Size

Model A B C D E F G H I J
ER150-D1 789 907 730 730 679 769 455 262 131 φ99
ER250-D1 789 907 730 730 679 769 455 262 131 φ145
ER350-D1 789 907 730 730 679 769 460 279 139 φ145
ER500-D1 789 907 730 730 679 769 403 279 139 φ195

Installation Safety Notes

1. This product contains electrical components, only the qualified maintenance personnel can install or maintain it.

2. The unqualified staff can only do some base operations like maintaining the filter net or filter element.

3. Please pay attention to our manual and product label warnings, follow the relevant safety regulations.

4. Warning: To avoid any accidental damages, please cut off the power before installation or maintenance.

Special Attention

1. Do not change the specification of the product.

2. The product can’t be used in the machining or chemical factories, which make toxic or corrosive gas such as acid, alkali, organic solvents, paint and flammable gas.

3. Do not install this product outside and make sure no water drop on the product.

4. Ensure the voltage is 220V/50Hz, and the earthing wire is connected reliably.

5. Do not install control switch and the air outlet in the wet bathroom.

Fan Installation Process

1. Check Before Installation
Check the appearance and internal structure, to ensure the product is without any damages after transportation, if there are some damages caused by transportation, please put in a claim to the transportation organization.

2.Designate the mutual position of the fan and the lifting screw. (refer to the products structure diagram) make sure space is enough for maintenance, including the inspect panel.

3.Fix the fan on the roof by using M8-M10 lifting screw, the install direction of the fan can’t be reversed, shown as the picture on the right. Then adjust the height of the fan, ensure the fan is horizontal.

4.Reserved the inspect hole as the picture right.

5. WiringWarning
Our company won’t take any responsibilities if some bad results caused due to the change of the electric control system of equipment by users without the permission of the company.

Duct Connection

1. There are 3 kinds of duct size: 100/150/200 mm of fresh air Inlet and vitiated air outlet, please confirm the duct size according to the model No. To keep low noise and keep the air volume, static pressure, please make the branch duct size smaller.

2. In order to prevent the condensed water please add some thermal barrier connect to the air inlet and outlet duct.

3. Try to reduce the number of the connector, to avoid duct sharp turns, twists, turns and variable diameter, etc.

4. During duct connection process, please keep the duct sealed to avoid air leakage.

5. It should be more than 1 meter between the fresh air inlet and vitiated air outlet of outdoor.

6. Do not use the wall hole as the transition joints.

Trial Operation

1. Please confirm the wiring and switch of product again, when the system installation is completed. Then turn on the power, and then run the product as shown in the picture.

2. Power off the machine immediately once there are some abnormalities. And then check the wiring again.

1. For the wiring which shown in dotted line part should be in accordance with domestic laws and regulations by a professional electrician wiring.

2. To ensure personal and equipment safety, please install protector before power cord into the equipment.

3. Electrical engineering should be in accordance with the labeling regulations prescribed by the state to implement.

4. Check again whether the wiring is correct before power on after the wiring is finished.

5. Be sure the box cover of the electric appliance is fixed with the bolt after finishing wiring.

6. To avoid any danger, please ask the professional to do the replacing works if the wire damaged.

7. Please cut off the power before any jobs.

8. Remove the electrical cover, the voltage of the equipment is 220-240V 50/60Hz, connect the three wires (L, N, ground wire) according to the electrical wiring diagram dotted line part.

9. The pilot wire, connecting unit and double speed switch panel should be equipped by the user.

Please cut off the power before maintenance.

Remarks: Do not use water or detergent to clean the filter screen or the heat exchange filter element, please be careful during the maintenance.

Filter net

Normally clean the filter net every three months, change it every year. First, remove the access door, pull out the filter net, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, remember to put the net back after cleaning it.

Heat exchange filter element

Normally clean it every three months.

First, remove the maintenance panel, pull out the Heat exchange filter element, use vacuum
cleaner to clean the dust, remember to put it back after cleaning.

Inside Products

During the maintenance of the filter system, please also clean the inside area of the products by using the cotton cloth with neutral washing liquor, please be aware of the cables, and do not operate it until it’s totally dry.

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