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Project Description

AMX Cooler Product Name: Multi Function Air Purifier

AMX Cooler Ventilation System Design

Multi Function Air Purifier

A1 Series

Flexible and exquisite, high-efficiency

The mini cube fan body suitable for variety of installations

Sirocco design makes it with the features of high pressure and low noise

Intersection angle air supply, easy to install

Invisible construction, fresh and beautify your life

Effectively adjust and control the indoor and outdoor air, exhaust the dirty air, moisture and smoke, widely used in buildings, apartment, villa, hotel, supermarket, entertainment venues and residential houses for ventilation.

1. Do not remold, resolve or repair the product to prevent a damage or electric shock caused by the wrong operation.

2. Do not operate the switch by wet hand, otherwise, it may cause electric shock.

3. If the product works abnormally (sear smell), please stop operating immediately and cut-off the power.

4. Make sure to use the product in the rated voltage.Please use voltage regulator when voltage fluctuation is large, so as to avoid the risk of fire or electric shock.

5. Pay attention to prevent dust, dirt, insect and dew dropping into eyes when maintaining (removing access panel).

6. Please cut off power when stop to use for a long time.

One year for the whole unit

Three years for motor

(Free parts provided base on order quantity)

Any questions please feel free to contact us to settle, caring tailor-made services to meet the requirements and expectations of the customer for every time.

1. All contents of this catalog are copyrighted by AMX Company.

2. The final interpretation right of this catalog is reserved by AMX company, has the right to some alterations for above data and product design without prior notice.

3. Data in this document has been carefully checked and reviewed. If exist typographical errors, AMX Company shall not assume liability to any consequences.

More than Powerful

At the beginning of the design, we decided to create a Multi-function Air Purifying ventilator that is worthwhile to place at the prominent places at home.

As you see, we made it

Performance Table

Model Volt./Freq. Air Volume Stalls Max. Purification Max. Fresh Air Particulate CADR Power Electric Auxiliary Heating Power Applicable Area Net Weight Panel Size
No. V/Hz Speed m³/h m³/h m³/h W W KG mm
A1 220/50 6 150 70 108 45 445 15 – 30 8.5 580*330*155

Remark: 1. Color: Polar Gray / Sky Blue / Dessert Golden 

2. Wall Hole Size: φ 110mm (Hole Quantity: One)

3. Applicable area calculation is based on essential ventilation of 5 – 10 times/hour in normal living room

4. Performance value is the average value of our test result

For the love of the family, we’ve changed everything

We have the experience for improving air quality for more than 20 years.

We believe that the standard of fresh air is not only to reduce the PM2.5,

but making people feel like being in the forest.

It means that the air we breathe must be fresh, pure and rich with oxygen and negative ions,

which is also an important reason explains why people so desire the natural environment.

In fact, there is no need to stay away from the city,

you could just stay at home, the fresh and pure air will be around you.

The ventilator is specially created for the people who love their family.

This is the original intention that our engineers and designers dedicated to creating the Multi-function Air Purifying ventilator, A1 series.

All their ideas and thoughts are base on the love for family.

Because of the love for family,

Our innovative engineers and designers developed this fresh air system with the air purifier,

creating the Multi-function Air Purifying ventilator.

It has equipped with functions like fresh air, purification, negative ions, heating, intelligent detection and APP control.

Meanwhile, it has a perfect appearance.

There are many different ways to show our loves to our family,

But our way is to create a truly effective Multi-function Air Purifying ventilator for families.


1. Fresh Air + Purification   

Based on the advanced AMX Multiflow aerodynamics technology, it can form three-dimensional circulation of the air flow to take care of every corner of the room.

2. Purification Efficiency  

The highest CADR can reach to 108m³/h, it can purify a 20㎡ bedroom for twice an hour and keep the air clean and fresh all the time.

3. Introduction of Filter

The filter has adopted three filter system: antibacterial dust filter system + early filter + high-efficiency composite filter.

The size of the filter is only 285 * 120mm, but its length after unfolding can be 2.7 meters, this is the average height of the general house, so it can effectively filter PM2.5 and chemical pollutants easily.

4. Fresh Air with Oxygen

The maximum fresh air volume can reach to 70m³/h, equipped with both purification and fresh air system.

(Note: According to IAQ standard (GB/T18883-2002, China), it stipulates air volume per capita should be ≥30m³/h)

5. Negative Ions

It has equipped with AMX’s Realfresh purification technology, and it can release 20 million negative ions per second. So that makes your family more comfortable and healthy.

6. Intelligence Detection

It is created with AMX’s How air pro air quality detection system to detect the room’s air quality for 24 hours. The detection will directly be presented through the LED screen on the panel so that to make your family comfortable and peaceful.

7. APP Control

Download “AMX Smart House” application on your smart phone, then you can control the air quality of your house at anytime and anywhere, and you will be able to understand the AQI(Air Quality Index) in your city.

8. Electric Auxiliary Heat

Considering the cold environment, our product has the electric heating function. When the cold fresh airflow into the indoor, it can raise temperature of the inlet air to a relatively comfortable temperature.

(Note: When heating, outlet air temperature will rise 10-15°, which will depend on environmental temperature to change.)

9. Mute

The noise can be as lower as 29dB, allowing you and your family to enjoy the pure and fresh air quietly.

How to Maintenance and Change the Filter

Three steps to change the filter screen.


1. Turn off the electricity, open the panel, pull out the panel signal cable.

2. Draw out the filter net, clean the air-returning cavity, insert the new filter net.

3. Insert the panel signal cable, close the panel, re-electrify and start the ventilator.

Installation Procedures

You only need 5 simple steps and only take 20 minutes for the whole installation and AMX provides you with a thoughtful installation guidance, you can enjoy the comfortable and healthy fresh air without no worries.

1. Select the installation location set the hole position, and drill the hole.

2. Install fresh air tube (supplied)

3. Install metal backplane

4. Hang the ventilator on the backplane, lock the fixing screw, insert the panel signal cable, and shut the panel.

5. Electric test operating.

Remark: Please refer to the instructions for installation details

Installation Safety Notes

1. This product contains electrical components, only the qualified maintenance personnel can install or maintain it.

2. The unqualified staff can only do some base operations like maintaining the filter net or filter element.

3. Please pay attention to our manual and product label warnings, follow the relevant safety regulations.

4. Warning: To avoid any accidental damages, please cut off the power before installation or maintenance.

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