A-4C Misting Air Cooler

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Project Description

AMX Cooler Product Name: A-4C Misting Air Cooler

Misting Air Cooler Model A-4C Case

A-4C Misting Air Cooler

The water flows through the high-speed rotating centrifugal disc. The centrifugal force created by high-speed rotating makes the water diffused and become smaller and smaller. Eventually, the water turns into mist by heating the base of misting part, then being sprayed out by the blowing system.

The diameter of the mist is from 20 to 30 microns.

1. The components for centrifugal misting type are reliable and durable

2. Low requirements for water source, no blocking, low maintenance cost

3. Innovative design with the high-tech feeling, various colors optional

4. Hierarchical structure, isolated operation of water and electricity to ensure the safety

5. The large capacity water tank, provides 8 hours use with one fill, in addition, the automatic water inflow system offers long-term water supply

6. With easy moving on four universal wheels, it gives you a satisfaction on application in various environment

Motor: energy-efficient full copper ball bearing motor (made by ourselves, we have own motor factory)

Material: high-quality LG ABS & water proof & ultraviolet proof & flame resistant material (made by ourselves, we have own plastic mold factory)

Features: innovate smart appearance & 90°angle & long deliver distance & big water tank & enough service time & movable / wall mounted for consideration & centrifugal / pressure mist type for selection & high speed along with big air flow as well as low noise & four color for choice, etc.

1. Open Air Restaurant & Coffee Shop & Bars & Shopping Mall & Walking Street

2. Private Garden & Private Club & Golf Course & Yacht Club

3. Textile Workshop & Ceramic Workshop & Foundry Workshop

4. Theme Park & Amusement Park

5. Bus Station & Airport & Railway

6. Wedding & Party & Barbecue

7. Gymnasium & Stadium

8. Fair & Exhibition

One year (free parts provided base on order quantity)

Any questions please feel free to contact us to settle, caring tailor-made services to meet the requirements and expectations of the customer for every time.

Misting Air Cooler Model A-4PT

Performance Parameter

Voltage 110~240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power 340 W
Air Flow Volume 2450 m³/h
Noise ≤ 67
Effective Area 95 m²
Water Capacity 94 L
Water Consumption 7 L/h
Working Time 12 h
Automatic Inflow
Net Weight 56 KG
Gross Weight 72 KG
Packing Way 2 cartons / unit
Container Loading Capacity 0.8 CBM / unit
1*20GP (FOB Foshan) 36 units
1*40HQ (FOB Foshan) 86 units
Minimum Order Quantity (EXW AMX) 10 units

Misting Air Cooler Model A-4C Dimension & Packing Size

Fan Body 1540*560*570mm 36.5KG 44.5KG
Water Tank 720*720*530mm 19.5KG 27.5KG

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